Bodum Double Wall Glasses

Even earlier than my career in wine, espresso and tea started out, one among my favorite brands became Bodum. I love the progressive designs, the appearance, the feel and the unique “European-ness” of all of their products. They’re simply plain cool and classy at the equal time. I write at period (a few may say advert nauseam) about shape following characteristic and its importance in crystal wine glasses, espresso makers, crystal decanters, cookware–basically anything associated with exceptional rose gold glass frames consumables. That’s why I became so intrigued when I located Bodum double wall glasses.

Borosilicate Glass vs. Traditional Glass

Borosilicate glass has been around for a long time–for the reason that past due nineteenth century. It turned into evolved by way of a German glassmaker named Otto Schott. Normal glass is made up of quartz, sodium carbonate and calcium carbonate and is referred to as “soda-lime” glass. Borosilicate glass provides boron to the mixture. The result is a glass this is robust, heat-resistant and lighter than traditional glass. Borosilicate glass is used widely in chemical laboratories (clinical-grade glass) for its warmth and chemical resistance. Taking these houses into consideration, the smart designers at Bodum advanced their country-of-the art double wall glasses.

The Benefits of Double Wall Glasses

In addition to searching fantastic on the bar or table, Bodum’s insulated glassware/cookware is very practical. You can serve both warm or cold drinks or meals in it and it maintains them in order that–warm or bloodless–longer than their non-double-walled opposite numbers. Another tremendous characteristic is that they are ruin and scratch resistant and might resist swings in temperature that may make normal glass crack or shatter. The icing on the proverbial cake is that Bodum double wall glasses are dishwasher and microwave safe. I do not frequently advise washing positive high-cease glassware and crystal stemware in the dishwasher although a business enterprise says you could. That’s in all likelihood greater a testament to my frugality in preference to the aesthetics of the glasses; if I shell out a extensive amount of money on a great wine glass, I’m no longer going to hazard it moving or knocking into some thing else in the device. That stated, I feel very assured pronouncing it’s k to put Bodum’s double wall glasses inside the dishwasher. I’ve visible the glasses run through the dishwasher over and over, and they’ve not grow to be cloudy a bit.