Characteristics of Gemini (May 22 to June 20)

You are our Peter Pan of the Zodiac, full of magic, a youthful coronary heart and spirit that guarantees you by no means develop up. You are full of awe at each new revel in. You embody humans of each persuasion and without delay begin to find the similarities among them. You then locate yourself in the function of translating and communicating to make your new and old buddies understood by others that see them as exceptional.

Energies: Communication electricity expresses itself as connecting and information power expressing itself as comprehension.

Communication Energy

For the Gemini, conversation has one purpose, to attach; discover what’s common irrespective of how reputedly extraordinary the man or woman or situation would possibly appear on the surface.

Understanding Energy

It is the drive of a Gemini to collect records, to comprehend the underlying essence of maximum components of lifestyles itself.

Virtues: Avid learner, conduit and loving.

Virtues are your intrinsic worth, your essence, your traits that propel you into action, into situations, and to people and awareness that need your energies.

Avid Learner

You are a voracious learner, consuming books and statistics that will help you apprehend life and more critical, your self. Understanding is your quest, whether or not it’s far about human beings of every age and culture, fairies, flora, birds, animals, or different dimensions. Once you’ve immersed yourself, simply understood something, then you definitely sense restless and need to transport directly to explore the following unknown. While you’re engaged even though, you truly deliver all of yourself, from time to time to the exclusion of looking after your personal needs.


Yet your largest gaining knowledge of comes outdoor of this bodily realm, your capability to channel from different dimensions, to channel the man or woman in the front of you. Out of your mouth comes phrases that are often so sensible, but after you communicate, you could not even don’t forget what you stated, tons less act on it. In all opportunity the message was not even for you, but the man or woman you have been speaking with.


Love flows through each mobile to your frame, in which you explicit it the excellent though is your thoughts and with the spoken phrase. Your thoughts seeks to remedy issues of the heart, which although is maximum heartfelt, remains particularly goal.

Vices: Inability to listen, talks an excessive amount of and too scattered.

Inability to concentrate

Your vices or flaws are just the getting to know curve with the intention to one day become virtues as you rework them. For example, love flows via you because the communicator. That sounds high-quality and of direction is whilst in stability. But there’s the crawling level that all of us go through at the manner to on foot in stride. What if you can communicate, can channel for every other, however can’t concentrate. Or whilst human beings speak to you, due to the fact they will, and also you bypass on what they say to a person else that does not have the knowledge or lack of prejudice you’ve got, then you definitely are inflicting harm, harm to the alternative character’s heart.

Talks too much