Public Smoking Ban

The smoking ban in Germany has appeared to be not so effective as in the other European countries. The government of the country has restricted smoking in all buildings where federal institutions are located, and also in public transport. What about the smoking ban in restaurants and bars – this decision has been left to the local federal authorities. The owners of the drinking establishments across the whole country have raised a struggle for the rights of the visitors to smoke and also for the significant income amount that they would miss because of the smoking ban.

Recently, the Saxonian Land eaglebongs Court has stated that the visitors can smoke in a small bar, where the owner serves the visitors personally. In Bavaria one can smoke in the famous beer tents, which are an attribute of every Octoberfest. Besides, smoking is allowed in closed clubs, so all usual beer pubs have quickly issued club cards and supplied the visitors with these.

In the Rheinland-Plafz the authorities have thought that in the bar that cannot be divided into two rooms – for smokers and non-smokers – smoking is allowed. So, in Germany the smokers feel themselves now more comfortable than in the neighbor countries.