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Undoubtedly, Google has turned to be the MC of digital marketing. Many businesses appear and vanish as a direct consequence of –apparently- failing to keep up with Google’s changing mind. Whether this is true or not has been debating material for quite some time.

One thing is sure and certain: Google favors sites that are active and live. It never is enough to just “be” there; posting photos, replying to reviews and overall participation on the internet is preferable for Google.

Of course, this is not separate of weighs more heavily than a properly built website, seo’d content nor a verified listing. They are all parts of the whole… 


Google My Business Local Listing

Previously known as Google Maps and Google Local Listings, its importance has been increasing as time goes by.  Having a GMB listing that is verified provides a window of opportunities including establishing a connection and communication with existing customers and potential ones. 

Google Ads & PPC Available together or individually

This might well be the best advertising tool.  However it could also be too much for businesses that have a very tight marketing budget.  If you are interested and are in a tight budget, let us know.  We might be able to help you.


Business Citations Contact us for directory list

Spreading your NAP and business summary across the internet provides you with a stronger presence, power and authority to search engines even Google itself. 

Social Media The most popular social media sites

As its name suggests, is focused on the people that conform your target market instead of your business.   An Active Social media Life will give your customer a presence and interaction with your business no other area of digital marketing can give you.


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