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In the United States, New York and California were the first states to enforce laws to stop drunk driving in 1910. These laws simply prohibited driving while intoxicated. As more people started to own vehicles, driving under the influence of alcohol became a larger issue. In response, the American Medical Association created committees to study the issue in 1938. However, it wasn’t until the late 1970s through the 1990s that the US began to enforce stricter laws and penalties for drunk driving.

Organizations like Mothers Against Driver Company Drunk Driving (MADD) and Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD )have worked with several groups and policy makers to stop drunk driving, prevent underage drinking and to support those affected by drunk driving. For many years, MADD campaigned for lowering the legal limit for measuring blood alcohol content from a BAC of.10 to a BAC of.08. In 2005, every state in the U.S. had a new illegal BAC of.08 limits. Most recently, MADD has proposed that breath alcohol ignition devices be installed in all new cars. An amendment to the 2010 Motor Vehicle Safety Act, calls for $40 million over the next five years to develop alcohol detection sensors. This research could lead to sensors becoming standard equipment in all new vehicles in as few as 5 to 10 years.

MADD studies show that alcohol ignition interlocks are effective in reducing drunk driving by an average of 65%. Largely, the current use of this technology is targeted for DUI offenders. Most states require this device to be installed for drivers with multiple DUI offenses prior to receiving a Restricted Driving Permit. The driver must provide a breath sample into the device, before the ignition will start.

Although proven effective in preventing drunk driving, this technology is still being researched before it will be more common in new vehicles.

Drivers need to consider the many other deterrents to not drink and drive or alternatives.

  • There is the fact you could seriously injure or kill another person.
  • You could hurt yourself, and total your car.
  • And let’s not forget you could lose your driver’s license, go to jail, and spend lots of money on lawyers, court costs, assessments, education classes and miss work and time with your family and friends.

To prevent drinking and driving the main recommendation is to not drink at all, but if you do have an alcoholic drink, please have a designated driver.


A designated driver is someone who will abstain from drinking alcohol in order to drive their companions (who have been drinking) to the destination. This concept is a great idea, but at times the responsible driver does not follow through. In that instance, have Plan B or even Plan C ready if you need it!

Plan B may be to call a cab. Most cab companies run late into the night and can be easily coordinated through many of the bars or restaurants.

As with having a designated driver, calling a cab is not always an easy solution for some people. Sure you can get home safely but, what about your car? How will you retrieve your vehicle the next day? So even though calling a cab is a safe thing to do, many do not want the headache of leaving their car and having to go get it the next day. For more check this please

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That may be your Plan C. In recent years there has emerged another option that combines both a designated driver and taxi service. This new option is called Professional Designated Drivers. These companies work a bit like a cab company. A person can call and request a pick up if they have had too much to drink or do not feel in top shape to drive. A professional driver will meet the client and drive both client and their car home. For some companies the driver has a small moped that can fold up and fit in the trunk of the client’s car, while other companies have a chase car that will pick up the professional driver after they have driven the client home. Many of these Professional Designated Driver companies offer discounted rates for people who buy a membership. These companies also offer designated drivers for events and can be reserved for a night out on the town.